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  • Overwatch

    Is anyone else playing Overwatch? Hit me up here and I'll add you on Playing on PC.
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    I know Hylozoist is playing it with vexer and sometimes roose. I think Cujowolf is in there too.
    "The Dead Presidents" that's a name I have not heard in a long time. A long time.
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      I have been playing it a bit add me adoni#1664
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        Hey sorry I only check these forums once every few months now.

        We have about 6 people that play intermittently, some more regularly than others. We LFG via the Incredibles Slack instance.

        Alternately, send me your e-mail address via PM here for an invite to Slack. I'll check back to the forums sooner than normal to see if you've sent an invite request.
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          I play a bit of Overwatch. FOmar151#1722 is my tag. I have no idea what slack is. Must be getting old.


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            Slack is a chat app that you can use either on your desktop computer or a phone. We've been using that app for chat recently as it's simply less clunky than a forum. I'll add the battletags posted above the next time I'm on If you get a friend request from a "pwnbbq" that's me.


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              I play some Overwatch. My gamer tag is: Tiaria#1364
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