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Aimless, Hero of the Incredibles

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  • Aimless, Hero of the Incredibles

    As previously posted, we are closing the Wiki this week. Upon request, here for preservation is probably the most famous Wiki entry ... written, of course, in the comedic stylings of Jack/Aimless:

    Hero of the Incredibles
    From Incredipedia

    * 1 The Beginning of an Era
    * 2 The Hunt Begins
    * 3 The Return of an Old Friend
    * 4 A Name is Forged
    * 5 A Cold Heart has Come
    * 6 A New Superpower
    * 7 The Day Arrives
    * 8 A New Pursuit
    * 9 The Death of a Demon
    * 10 A Fitting End
    * 11 The Snowy Peaks Call Home
    * 12 The End of an era

    The Beginning of an Era

    On the day of January 11th, 2005, the world of the Incredibles changed greatly. It was that day that a young player named Insano joined The Incredibles, upon being offered a position by the 'Incredibank' alt of the previous and first guild leader; Inderal. At this time he was but a wee Night Elf Warrior. He had joined the server because an online friend was playing horde on the same one. Hearing that The Ravagers were the largest guild on the server he sought to join their league; indeed the offer of a level 1 gnome with a name like Incredibank was ridiculous, a placeholder for the greatness to be achieved in that oh-so-huge guild. His thought at the time, 'Pfft, I'll indulge this idiot for the while,' the plan being to leave as soon as he was offered entrance unto greater things. He never left.

    He played a lot for the first few weeks, reaching level 16 though eventually spending all of his time in Ironforge at the Auction House. 'Bugger this' he thought, and so seeking to breathe new life into the now stagnant experience he created what was to be a name that went down in history in the world of Boulderfist, a name that would echo from the spelunking dwarve's subterranean home of Ironforge to shake the walls of the Horde's Thunderbluff: Aimless.

    The Hunt Begins

    He had made many friends in The Incredibles by this time, fitting in with his ruthless sense of humour as well the ability to make fun of the guild's American ancestory as only a foreigner can. In a short time he had saved more lives of adventurers, gained more favours and invited more people to the guild than many thought would be possible. His closest and most promising student at the time was a young gnome of the name Setrima, a mage whom showed exceptional skill.

    Before long the citizens of the snowy lands of his home, Dun Morogh, were free of the threat of wild animals, their pelts safely in merchants hands and a few copper in his pocket. However much he loved that land it was time to move on, the world of Boulderfist full of possibilities for the young traveller. He had soon made it to 27, though the game had once again lost its life of fun. For a period of a month no word from Aimless.

    The Return of an Old Friend

    It was one dull weekend that he decided to renew his subscription to life in that land, once again taking up his fearsome two handed axe and slaying fell beasts that encroached into the lives of inn-keepers and lowbies everywhere. He returned to that world with his former friends gone, people not recognising him as they once did. All he had was himself and the Guild. At the level of 32 he took to exploring the land rather than the continuous call of levelling, a move that would enhance his knowledge of both the world and combat. One day while stalking prey on the beaches of ratchet, Aimless feigned death on the jetty, a technique that he acquired many levels late but was then eternally grateful for. Instead of the expected opponents of two level 25s a massive level 60 Tauren warrior had been called in; directly seeing through his bluff and charging him. In his usual quick thinking Aimless jumped in the rapid swell of the ocean; his leather armour leaving him free to move while the warrior's plate sank lower, not being able to keep up with the mighty miniscular's speed of attack. The large cow lay dead in the water; a travel weary and cynical dwarf stumbled to shore with fierce pride for himself burning in his eyes and a scowl of anger from the battle; no joy was in that fight, and as he sought his breath the wrung the blood from his cloak, he saw his enemies flee from him. From that moment he had become 'The Hero of the Incredibles.'

    A Name is Forged

    Aimless was soon a name well known throughout the lower world as he forced himself up through the PvP ladder; though with the inclusion of Battlegrounds changed his nature; the joy of battle that had flown through him ever since his first journey through Ashenvale to face slaughter in the Horde outpost of Crossroads had gone; the cruelly organised matches of the current day leaving no honour in their easily acquired victories. He took to saying 'Bugger that', sometimes 'Bugger that for a game of soldiers', as well as calling his guildmates lads or laddies, helping the young ones whenever he could and answering any question his world wisened mind knew the answer too. He begun levelling with passion again, simply to the relieve the boredom that combat at his level now brought. He had never aspired to originally; but it was not long before he had reached level 40 and achieved a mighty Riding Ram. He borrowed 45 gold for it and had it payed back within a day; unfortunately he was 60s short still and had to sell nearly every item in his bank. No problem, it was full of crap anyway.

    A Cold Heart has Come

    Just as the snow of his home was cold, so did come his attitude to Horde. Once met in the world with waves and smiles, this soon turned. Spending a day in one of his favourite areas, Feralas, he came upon an Undead Warlock. Being several levels lower and an easy target as he had not seen him, Aimless made his presence clear and sat before him, a non-threatening site. That foolish Undead secretly called his friends; soon a warrior, rogue and mage were upon him. Slaying one of the members, he was knocked unconscious and entered a dreamlike state. Wandering the world as if a ghost he came upon his own body laying on the floor; immediately he was awake again. Taking the time to recover from his weakened state, he made a vowel - 'Never again shall I let a Horde live.' He tracked down each member of the assailing party, killing them off without remorse, one by one. After that great hunt he found the Undead Warlock that had responded to his kindness with evil. Cornered and alone the rotting corpse managed to splutter out, 'What will you do to me?' Aimless, his face expressionless and his blood running cold simply replied, 'Carrot on a Stick.'

    A New Superpower

    What the Undead Warlock had brought that day was not only his own particulary obscure and violent death, but for the Horde, Genocide. Not one Aimless encountered was left alive; by this time he had acquired two one handed axes, he nicknamed them the 'Dawn's Edges'. Each slice began with a trail of light being cut in half, it ended in a trail of blood. He gradually grew in strength, and before long had reached the late 50s. All his friends had reached the highest level many months before; even his students had outgrown him and were involved in the larger undertakings of the guild. It was about this time that he introduced another promising member to the guild, one that would have an even larger impact than his previous acolytes - Andersfriden. Though it took a long time, Aimless was finally convinced to level to 60. Before then his excuse was 'What joy or honour is there in defeating someone of the same level? I can't achieve renown by doing that.' Perhaps he had forgotten that his skill was exceptional enough to best that hurdle; not long before was he beating rogues 10 levels above him in duels, without being hit once. He was brash, but an innovator in combat.

    The Day Arrives

    He hit 60 371 days after he started playing, 371 days since his fate was bound to The Incredibles. [Grats Aimless, took long enough -V] The guild had grown from the small group of 25 or so stealth recruited members to a fully functioning faction in itself; possibly the largest and definitely the oldest remaining guild on the server. Gone were the greats he used to look up to in the olden days; An Bu, the Ravagers - such dinosaurs barely leave a mark in living memory, and certainly few records of their existance remains. His talents had changed, the game world expanded, new evils created and new triumphs of good, but he was still Aimless, named the Hero of the Incredibles and remaining that way.

    A New Pursuit

    It was at this time that Aimless decided to leave behind his lone wolf attitude to become more active with The Incredibles; his application to the raid team put in. He wanted to join the second team and tackle Molten Core from the start; the time's did not hold with his own schedule however, so he had to skip forward to fit in with the First. He was put under lead of Katalyst, the hunter leader of the time and an old member of the Guild. He was thrust into Blackwing Lair, a place that he had heard of in his younger days as an impenetrable fortress, a place where no man had succeeded. He would not be that man. Entering that foul palace with little raid experience and no knowledge of what kiting was, he was put to work killing mages in his 'greens'. As green is a term for inexperienced when dealing with people, so the term green applied to equipment which was considered to be low quality. He soon proved his worth though, as he single handedly saved a 40 man raid from death by tackling razorgore head on, his distraction giving the healers a chance to revive what warriors were left, before bringing Katalyst back to life with merely a set of wires and a battery [You have Setrima's mic? -Bart]. Razorgore fell, though a mutual respect between Katalyst and Aimless rose. Falling under instruction of an accomplished hunter from the guild Dragon Knight, one which had not garnered much respect in the past, he learned the art of kiting on giants in Winterspring and carried this skill masterfully to all corners of Boulderfist, killing legendary creatures singlehandedly in the process.

    The Death of a Demon

    As the Lair slowly fell to the Raid Team's relentless manner, Aimless continued to prove his worth. He decided that it was the time in his old age to face up to his demons. Taking nothing but a leaf and a muscle ripped from a dragon, he set out into the world, spending all his worldly fortune on supplies to endure the four hour spawning times and ridiculous amount of interference from Horde and Alliance. One by one the demons slowly fell, his mastery of kiting and other hunting skills more than complete, he took their heads before sitting down on a hill in Felwood to have his hard-earned lunch. Suddenly three bloody great trees appeared in front of him; noticing one had a bloody great bow and stick hanging off his keyring, Aimless took a running jump, nabbed the goods and ran like buggery - probably his greatest gift. He payed the last of his gold to get a fancy green glow to the staff. The next day he went to Blackwing Lair, killed Razorgore the giant dragon and was handed a new weapon, one of the greatest he had ever seen. A strange event considering it was not seen to be given to Hunters and that he had the second lowest number of saved up gear points in the guild.

    A Fitting End

    'The Untamed Blade' was now in his possession; a barbed, shiny, stupidly impractical sword that would sweep away any in its way. Aimless had to pull a few favours to get the gold for another enchant, but it was worth it. Leaving the raid team not long after, in good stead, though what would've become worse with inability to make the times anymore, he begun his vigilant watch of PvP combat again. With his new blade and increasing hand to hand skills he could out melee much better geared warriors than him, a class which had eluded his grasp before then. Through the wonders of modern magic the battlegrounds could now take place between other 'realms', a multiverse of identical areas though with different inhabitants opened up, and his name would be well known soon enough. In his quest for glory he became the master of Alterac Valley; much like his friend Debonair had done in the past, he took control of the situation and through his extensively gained knowledge never lost a single game, all participants listening to the instructions, spoken with a voice that shook the mountains. His mastery of the Battlegrounds lead to no true fulfillment for Aimless though, his original goals long since achieved and with nothing to gain. Never will people forget his endless fights, taking on over 5 enemies at a time and nearly always coming out on top. Any match of his was met with due respect.

    The Snowy Peaks Call Home

    With no Raid team to be involved with and the will to fight decreasing, he took his time mastering two skills he had neglected his entire life; ones which perhaps required more patience than any to master. Cooking and Fishing occupied most of his time as he lived out his later days in the lands of his youth, his favourite areas being explored once more, some occasional endeavours to live out the past joy of fighting in the form of assaulting towns with one of his best Boulderfist friends, Montolo the gnome. The days of his past were long gone, the world of Boulderfist was now a significantly easier place to grow, the wonder of exploration no longer available to him, his knowledge of the world undeniably huge though still a longing for the past remained. He said goodbye to his friends and went into the snowy peaks of Dun Morogh, where had to begun his life, to meditate, logging out for one last time.
    The End of an era

    The days of the Hero of the Incredibles have ended but his legacy live on; those who knew him continue to run the Guild in good stead, though with a noticeable hole in the centre. As his two year anniversary approaches, what festivities will come? Will he return once more, to lead a Burning Crusade? Will he convince Montolo to return from his solitude and form a new legendary PvP group?

    Only time will tell.

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      another thread hyjacked...

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        Listen in the air
        His voice is in the wind
        Sit by a lake
        You will see him in the rain
        The trees shake at his coming
        Vines curl, flowers bloom
        His Tiger is Winterspring
        His roar the melting snow
        The crack of a gunshot
        in Morogh's bursting branches
        His untamed blade
        in all that is wild
        Look at your side, Incredible,
        He is standing there
        Look not for too long,
        He is charging on

        Aimless is around.


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          Happy Thanksgiving from the United States, Jack

          See you Summer 2010


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              AIMLESS as ever I see!!!!
              Lack of Planning on your part Does Not Constitute an Emergency on my part!!! So Go Away!!!


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                My favourite person on the face of the planet! Yo, whatup Hunter leader? Still playing?


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                  Well he calls himself Deathwing now, not Katalyst, but otherwise he's still hatin

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