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    So overall reach is pretty awesome. The campaign was pretty good but short. I was really hoping they'd try to make it as epic and have as much depth as the halo CE campaign, but it was still decent. Maybe I'll read the books sometime to get my halo fix. As to multiplayer though I have a love hate relationship with it. To summarize it:

    -The new maps are good, I'm kinda disappointed that some of the recreated ones use the forgeworld... kinda sterile imo.
    -Weapons: I'm glad the weapons are hitscan again but bloom pisses me off (ya it's realistic but precise aiming is what makes halo halo).
    -The graphics are just plain awesome, if you think halo 3 looked good...
    -Armor abilities are a lot better than all the crazy equipment in halo 3. Could use some tweaking though.
    -The new default controls are brilliant, I love my rb being melee and lb being the armor abilities.
    -The Matchmaking system and the armory are great, can't wait for the first playlist update though (so frelling tired of playing ffa infection)

    So my only real problem is with bloom. There are plenty of games that are "realistic" but I loved my halo aiming just the way it was. Halo 2 (I never really go into halo 3) was the best game ever to play online, as fast as the br could shoot you could lay waist to your opponents. Now you have slow down your shots if you want to be accurate. The problem with this is that you can slow down, be precise with your shots, but there's always a chance that the noob spammer is gonna get lucky and get that perfect 5 shot kill with his inaccurate shots. I've noticed that the skill gap has decreased significantly because of this. In halo 2 the matches were brutal, some people failed and some people dominated, and if there was a tie it was an adrenalin rush trying to win. In reach however the final scores are ridiculous. In most games (ffa) there are like 4+ people all within a kill or two of each other, and your ability to take on multiple baddies has been thrashed. In the end everyone seems to just start spamming the dmr and reducing the game to luck. I want to love halo reach sooo much but it's just not happening unless they tweak it . I think if they just removed bloom (on single shot weapons) that it would make a huge difference. Sorry about the long rant...

    So what do yall think? Anybody got epic strategies, suggestions to deal with bloom, comments, concerns or threats? Spill it
    Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That's why they call it the present.
    Never Forget: September 2nd and Patch 3.3.0.

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    I haven't played halo in a while, but I always tired of it quickly. I used to think it was because it was a console game, but if TF2 and L4D have taught me anything it's that I've lost my twitch reflexes and enjoy games with more tactical/strategic options for winning. Halo strikes me as fairly mediocre in this respect, but I haven't given it much time to grow in me aside from playing campaign coop with RL friends and under 5 hours in online multiplayer.
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      Halo definitely isn't a very strategic game other than knowing the map and where the high traffic areas are. In the original halo me and mi amigos played co-op campaign like crazy, and then for halo 2 we started having epic lan parties. Between that and it having been my first fps I'm definitely biased in it's favor. I do welcome change to it though, I just don't think adding the randomness of bloom was the way to go.
      Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That's why they call it the present.
      Never Forget: September 2nd and Patch 3.3.0.


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        I have already moved on since I am at the level cap (1000GS as well) and don't want to end up earning commendations that won't go towards anything.

        After playing it pretty hardcore since it came out I am left with the impression that the game has a lot of potential. I don't mind the recoil as much, I have already gotten used to it, but what I have not gotten used to yet is the new melee system (actually somewhat old if some of you played Halo 3 when they decided to have melee damage not bleed through shields, it was around for only like 2 weeks before it was removed). Only because it supports a double -beatdown style of game play when up close as opposed to using your weapons.

        Change is cool and all, but when it messes with halo's main core of gameplay, or The "Golden Triangle" (weapons, grenades, and melee) I can't agree with it. But like I said, I see potential, within the first week they are changing several things already, the biggest of with would be Scorpion tanks on the 80% Coagulation, 20% Good old Blood Gulch remake, Hemorrhage along with SWAT being put into its own play list.

        For the TL: DR people; Its good, but it's not quite there yet, but I have faith in Bungie as developers to fix there problems in good time.