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  • Joepesci 89 Rogue

    Name/Age: Nano 28

    About yourself: Dusting off WoW retirement,mainly playing WoW casually. Just playing WoW again for fun mostly been questing. Upgraded my account up to warlords

    Combat, professions: Enchanter leatherworker

    Previous guilds/servers, and reason for leaving: The Incredibles, inactive removal.

    Why do you want to join The Incredibles: To be around familiar faces

    Who recommended you to the forums: Been a long time member.

    Names of friends or family in the guild and your relationship to them: Not sure if any one I knew may be still be active but Paltick is the main person I remember.

    Raid and PvP experience: Irrevelant Since its Pre- Cata

    Goals in the game and our guild: Just hit 100 and have fun when new expansion comes out.

    Alts/Level/Class/Guilds (including Horde): Nanosbank 42 warrior,Ainaris 90 (used free level up since I wanted to level Joe the old fashion way) Druid,Fobidenone 84 lock. Mainly just applying Joepesci since I dont play my other characters.

    The hour of departure has arrived and we go our ways; you die, and I live. Which is better? Only God knows.

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    Hey, Joepesci, things are a bit more casual now. Whisper any Incredible online and they can invite you to the guild.


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      zomg!! I need to log in if Joe's back!!!

      Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick
      "Do you realize... happiness makes you cry?"


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        Don't let JOePesci back in!


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          Zomg Mojo!